Blog entry #5  We entered the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport leaving the comfort of our Christmas visit with my extended family behind us.  Harry and I always prioritized visiting family as we are close to our families but separated by geography.  His family was mostly in the Boston area and my family uses my hometown… Read More Airport!


Blog Entry #4 My son’s behaviors are so different from typical people that I know his brain works totally differently from mine.  He hears the house fan start up in the ventilation system that I only hear when he says aloud, I hear the fan, or ‘das is the Klimaanlage’ (That’s German for ‘that is… Read More OVERLOAD!


Blog entry #3 “How did you decide to do this for Matt?” No story about Matt is really a short story but I will try. When Matt was small we worked very hard to help him acquire skills that would help him in his adult life.  Our spoken goal was that we wanted to make… Read More Discovery