The above link to Pay Pal will allow you to choose whatever amount you wish to donate.

We greatly appreciate your donation supporting this important effort.  Donations are our only source of funds..  These funds currently support the creation of the new organization and the expenditures needed to go forward from here.

Our board of directors work entirely as volunteers.

We filed for Not for profit 501c3 status in early January 2019.

Once the community is up and running we will be depending upon donations to pay personnel to support the culture of the community, create the volunteer opportunities and work with existing resources to improve the lives of the community members both within the neighborhood and the greater community at large.


$1000 can cover insurance costs for the organization for one year.



$500 can pay for two years of hosting for our website.



$100 can pay for almost half of the year hosting our website.



Every $50 donation builds this from vision to reality. Thank you.



Every $25 donation is a vote for this vision, a boost toward reality. Thank you.