Autism Community Dreams

Our group has discussed customization of a community that would promote socialization, safety and activity.

We have found other groups that have similar dreams and here we have incorporated many ideas from a Seattle Children’s Hospital blog in our current list from brainstorming.

We don’t expect to include all of these aspects in our community, but these are possibilities that have been brought to the group from families or other blogs addressing community living. This is written to help other groups address important questions to distill out the vision.

Updated October 2018

Possible Services from various partners

Security to monitor premises and help with elopement risk. Crisis intervention/ rapid response behavior team on call to supplement security

Autism education for residents

Autism education for those with autistic features

Respite services for both those with disabilities and families

Community facilitator to help resolve misunderstandings and conflicts and help triage people to appropriate resources

Opportunities for people with autistic features to explore pre employment volunteer activities in the autism friendly community

Opportunities to learn more ADLs and self-help skills.

Employment or at least engagement in activity outside the living community

Recreational and fun opportunities to build skills, relationships and meaningful lives of all in the community

Counseling and support groups for families, seniors and those who would find it valuable

Consistency of care givers for bathing and personal care.    These people need to be educated and trained to understand autism for the safety of all involved

Consistency of household help

Dietary accommodations for various sensitivities

A van for transportation

Physical qualities

SOUND PROOFING in all living areas, perhaps wired for intercom for monitoring safety

Toddler level of childproofing for unsupervised areas

Fully gated community with additional safety and disability features facilitating maximal independence in a safe environment

Wire for potential video surveillance both internal and external areas so that video could be easily added if needed for safety considerations.

Central air and Heat throughout

Separation of the traffic from the dwellings, perhaps an outer circle road with a privacy fence at the far curb to decrease attractions to the road and decrease wandering.

An area of central greenery, low, to maintain visibility for safety and finding missing persons

Playground structures both kid sized and adult sized

Walking paths

Biking paths

Housing that is disability friendly, many dwellings built to allow seniors to age in place, single level, wheel chair accessible, etc easy to adapt to visually impaired

Some single family homes

Some dual apartment like dwellings with an additional master suite for live-in care givers or parents.  With common room area and group kitchen eating area.  Kitchen built to be able to be secured.

Some single bedroom bungalows

Some two bedroom bungalows

A community center

Housing that allows parents to live close but not with the son or daughter.

Housing that allows parents to live a small distance away.

Housing that provides both socialization and isolation opportunities.

Indoor private space for pacing and other disturbing but self-calming behaviors that may be disruptive to others

Housing that accommodates residents who rage, with consideration for protecting everyone.

Housing for visitors

Housing for respite

Master Switch for lights by area, possibly basement circuit breaker pattern

Water shut off by area, cheapest is in basement

Quiet ventilation system

The Community Center

A commercial size kitchen and social space for community events

Offices for E.N.C. personnel, social services, housing authority, and potentially vocational rehabilitation provider

Multiple smaller rooms with clear doors to close that would accommodate four or fewer around a craft or a puzzle for example.  These ideally should be visually continuous with the dining area and the doors can control noise for sensitive individuals, as well as privacy for support group or other sensitive discussions.

Continuous “coffee break area” with opportunities for learning to serve patrons coffee or snacks

Small retail space possibly for a changing community job simulation

Single dental room, and or exam room to allow nearly home visits for routine dental and health care

Sensory room