ENC, Inc is all about creating community and being part of the greater community.  It is a huge project that will involve partnering with existing community resources and partners.

We have partnered with Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corps (WHPC) for the development and management of the property.  Funding will be from multiple sources.  In order to create a component of affordable housing WHPC will apply to tax credit funding as well as a variety of loans for housing.  ENC will be fundraising for the balance of the necessary construction funds.  

Capital Campaign  The soft number is from a similar project in New Glarus, WI

The New Glarus Group was initially charged with raising $1,000,000 but ultimately more funding brought that figure down.    It is our best estimate until detailed plans, costs and funding are created with Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corps.


Operational costs–  These numbers are soft numbers estimated from site duplication training at Treehouse Community in Easthampton, MA.  In 2018 their annual budget was $400,000.  They had free office space, and paid primarily for salaried staff. Funding was entirely private and corporate donations.


Chief of operations (Full time):  To manage bulk of fundraising, manage budget staff 

Community Facilitator(Full time):  Like a pastor, runs the social aspects

Education officer (Full time):  Autism education and healthy aging focus

Volunteer coordinator (Part time)

Outreach coordinator (Part time)




Where are we now?

We have a nonprofit development partner, Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corps with whom we share the same goals

The City of Marshfield, WI sees this effort as filling housing needs of the City and are supportive of the effort. 

The Economic Development Committee of the City of Marshfield endorses the project

We are in communication with multiple agencies, church groups and community groups in our small town to raise awareness of our project,

We have learned to fundraise online during the pandemic and need to increase that.

We are expanding our visibility in public events, Google Ads (through the free Google Ad Grants)

We have set up a Website e-n-a-c.org and have redone it recently to increase its capabilities to sign up volunteers and keep people informed through a newsletter

We have  a Donor management system through a subscription service

We have created our company infrastructure online via Google Workspace for nonprofits (free)

We have begun our program to help people understand more about autism with our YouTube channel and our first video “Listen with Eyes and Heart”

The pandemic has no doubt been a challenge in our start-up years, but we are able to work with the situations and continue to move forward.

Our short term and long term challenges will be fundraising.  We are in a small town (city) of !8,600 which is very generous but does not have enough resources to support this project long term.  We will need to be diligent in our fundraising state and country wide.

This is a special community with a lot of retired teachers and healthcare professionals that we think is perfect for a pilot community of this kind.