We plan to build a community around relationships.  Imagine a “Neighborly Neighborhood” where everyone knows one another and offers help that they happily give. Many of our best friendships come from accomplishing things together.  Having meaningful relationships is the single best predictor of a healthy life. Helping can be as easy as sharing rides to the grocery story, leading a craft group, meeting in a book club, or creating a group to put together a new opportunity.

Our autistic community members want to engage, but can be hampered by aspects of autism.  Each person with autism is different, making generalizations impossible of ways to smoothly enable engagement. It is essential  to know each individual in the community and help everyone else to appreciate them for who they are.  Information about autism both in general and more specific to each community member to nurture friendships will be a focus of the community center.

Anyone will be able to live in this community,  It will be a rental community with a component of affordable housing.  Community member will know about the focus of the community before moving in as well as the expectation to volunteer about six hours a week engaging in the community.

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”

John F. Kennedy