A small group photo outside during the pandemic.

We are a multigenerational group of friends and family of people with autism living in Central Wisconsin.  Our retirement age members are an unrecognized, untapped gold mine of knowledge, experience and goodwill.  “The Opportunity Generation” is both an opportunity for our retirement agers to make the world a better place on their terms, and an opportunity for a community to create new opportunities to volunteer and engage.  We are all about reinventing retirement opportunities for full meaningful lives and creating new lives for our community members with autism.


Creating and supporting a “neighborly neighborhood” focused on supporting autism and the healthy aging of our retirement generation where all community members know one another and value one another by understanding neurological differences and having ample opportunities to make friendships through volunteering

Our Impact

We anticipate successful community living for our community members of all walks of life with support for the greatest independence of all community members.  We expect the facilitation in this community will prevent homelessness of our two at risk populations, our autistic members and our older Americans.

We expect to outreach to our greater community area to engage our older community members as well as our autistic community members to support them and advocate as needed to support living as independently as possible in the community.

We expect to improve the health of all community members over what health would be without a neighborly neighborhood.  We expect to see an extension of the healthy years of our aging population.

We expect that creating this new living opportunity will create much needed housing that does not exist for our individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Let’s build something together.