Ask Me About Autism

Who knew we would be still holding off on public events? We have the memories of a great event almost two years ago that keep us hoping for another one. We will keep you posted.

We are moving forward! Our developer partner WHPC will begin talking with a real estate agent about a parcel of interest this month! We are very excited! We still have a long way to go to realize the vision but we are on our way!

A big thank you  to Shannon Hagman our volunteer graphic designer and artist who designed these T-shirts.
Designed by Shannon Hagman, graphic designer and artist.

These gorgeous T-shirts can be ordered directly from (See the link that follows.) ENC, Inc does get a portion of the proceeds. We need the world to understand how different autism is. See three “opposite” examples to illustrate the autism differences on Bonfire. (I will get them on this website soon!)

Shannon Hagman is our graphic designer and artist.

Shannon Hagman is a graphic designer and artist graduate of Carthage Collage Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, as well as a minor in Studio Art. “I am a graphic designer and artist who is passionate about the people around me and what I do, from the biggest design project to a simple painting for a friend. My goal is to use my talents to create authentic designs and uplift other creatives like myself.”.

Check out our new page of Autism and Neurodivergent Housing for links to emerging research and both completed projects and projects in the planning stages.

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