Transformation of our Retirement Age Opportunities

People who live the longest healthiest lives live in communities where they are valued and have purpose.  Dan Buettner studied these people and found common qualities among them and has written about them in his “Blue Zones” publications.

Most recent studies support that the single most important factor in a healthy longer life is relationships.  We need to transform “Aging in Place” to “ Aging in Community.”  Many retirees like to learn something new, do meaningful things, and to do them on their terms.  What if these opportunities where right out the front door?  What if one routinely walked to the community center?  In a community where understanding and relationships are valued and nurtured our retirees can invent new lives in a chapter of life that currently is undervalued.

What if we can alleviate isolation, loneliness, boredom and depression in our aging population?

Over 10% of our local populations over 65 years old are living in poverty.  What if we could create some affordable housing for them in the community?  What if we could address food insecurity?  What if we could decrease risks for dementia?

Retirees are a Gold mine of life experience, skills, desire to do good, and the time to do it.  Many of the deepest friendships are made by working together.  Our retirees can make new friends, find opportunities to use their skills for good, and enjoy the satisfaction of living a purposeful life on their terms.