Mission Statement

We will build an autism friendly, affordable, multigenerational community around acceptance and understanding, including those most vulnerable, to create opportunities for full healthy lives for all members.


We envision a way of living that enables increasing the healthy lifespan of all members, of both the primary community and ultimately the community at large, through creation of community and social opportunities.


We recognize that individual acts of kindness are opportunities to improve health.


We appreciate that the design and location of homes and spirit of the community center hold keys to improving lives through activities and education readily available in everyday life.

Acceptance and understanding:

Understanding autism is a deep dive on becoming more accepting and learning more about our own humanity.


Meaningful volunteer opportunities can dispel loneliness and bring purpose to one’s life, especially in the aging years when many people find themselves alone in life.


We need to rethink how we view aging and create vibrant aging intentional intergenerational communities, nurturing people to thrive in the ‘second act’ of their lives.

Community Partners

We work with many existing like-minded organizations in our community to succeed at our mutual goals.


We encourage sharing ideas maintaining respect for one another with the recognition that any idea can add value or potentially become a better way of doing things.