Have you ever wondered how your loved one could really live when you aren’t there anymore to help the world understand them?  Who will help them navigate the complexity of life when you are no longer there?

Microboards were first created in Canada, the brainchild of David and Faye Wetherow.  Microboards are mini nonprofit companies that each serve a single individual with a disability in a person-centered orientation.  They are a special way of helping friends and family of a person with a disability to assist them in creating and maintaining a person centered life.

Education about how to set up and run a microboard a key piece of our mission.  We believe leadership training available to all will empower the opportunity generation to participate in meaningful ways for the greater good in missions that inspire them.

As our vulnerable members of the community make friends there will be opportunities for friends to volunteer on microboards creating opportunities in the community to grow close caring relationships, grow new leadership skills, and share the mission of the person centered life.

The person served is also a board member.  The other members are people who know this person and help navigate the complexities of life enabling them to live the fullest most independent life possible.

We see so many potentials in microboards to grow community, engage our opportunity generation, and open new possibilities for all participants to learn how boards function and build healthy teams.  Who knows? It may be a springboard for some to serve on other boards like ENC, Inc. and in the greater community.

https://www.communityworks.info/ Website for David and Faye Wetherow

http://wisconsinmicroboards.com/Wisconsin_Microboards_Association/Welcome.html Wisconsin Microboard Association