John Charles

My name is John Charles.   I have high functioning autism, which makes it really hard to understand what people mean, especially when they don’t use a sarcastic tone when being sarcastic. Today I am a freshman at age 14.  I enjoy working with machines and electronics (and knowing how things work). I originally thought that helicopters used combustion engines, but during an open house at the Marshfield Clinic helicopter hanger, I learned that is was actually a jet engine that ran on airplane fuel. The pilot, copilot, and the visiting doctors were surprised by my question about the mechanics.  I was confused by that, because I thought there must be a few other people who want to know HOW the helicopter works.  Now that I’m in highschool, I’ve learned there are many of us 1200 teens that have interest in the same topic.  I know because the computer science and engineering classes are never canceled due to lack of interest. And I have a friend who likes the same topic; his name is Aiden.