We envision a safe autism friendly community of seniors, families, and persons with autistic features with a special interest in supporting each other and supporting persons with autistic features. We envision a residential community where everyone knows one another and enjoys acceptance and understanding within the community.

Once the main community is established we plan an outreach component to involve those volunteers and other members in the greater community who would benefit from the E. N. C. activities.

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”  John F. Kennedy


Our dream is to build Treehaven, an affordable housing community to support the greatest level of activity, independence and enjoyment  for our seniors and special people.  A community where people look out for each other, accept one another and appreciate one another.  A community that treasures its members and creates understanding and advocacy for persons with autistic features.
The role of the seniors will be to provide a safe secure understanding neighborhood for one another and for all members of the community.   We will be cultivating hugs, smiles, and laughs as we nurture all members.

This is not a community where grouches will find happiness.  

It will be a community full of social faux pas and learning. Our seniors and our special members will each learn from one another as we nurture relationships among all of our members.