There is so much more that we could do with your help! If you see something that is something that you like to do, contact us! We believe that volunteering is fun when people find their niche and the time commitment is a match. Currently most of our volunteer needs are virtual as we are all volunteering from our homes. We make some of our best friends working together. Each of these activities will be team activities, so don’t worry that you will be alone.

Communications Team

Snail Mail Stuff envelopes stamp and return address

Compose annual newsletter using Canva

Compose Emails

Send emails via NFG

Social Media


Level 1  Read, like, and share entries on the ENC page

Level 2 Consider hosting a Facebook fundraiser using our promotional materials and feeding donations into ENC, Inc

Level 3 Provide content for our Facebook Page

Level 4 Review Facebook Stats for Ad results and click through rate

Level 5 Design promotional materials for FB


Design Ads that refer to information on our Website or FB page

Place Ads using the Google Ad Grant

Review Google Analytics and refine Ad strategy


Autism Enlightenment

Level 1 Provide a story, short video, or picture that illustrates an aspect of autism

Level 2 Give Presentations about autism to expand the understanding of Autism

Level 3 Create or participate in an autism engagement committee, creating engagement opportunities, and bringing different resources together for success (ODC, church groups, etc)


Create autism enlightenment videos less than 4 minutes in length

Social engagement group

 Social butterfly group

Arrange or participate in informal get togethers of volunteers with or without a concrete purpose other than building our friendships and growing fun

Volunteer Coordination

Organize Volunteers tracking who is doing what

Identify connections between volunteers and trainers and whom to report to

Find more volunteers


Level 1 Ambassador – Talk up ENC with friends, family and everyone you meet  This is the most important part of fundraising and is easy for everyone.

Level 2 Identify potential donors who are likely to want to support ENC and have deep pockets

Level 3 Public event planning and execution

Level 4 Helping at the public event

Level 5 Soliciting and organizing Raffle or Auction donations

Level 6 The big ask

Level 7 Writing grants

Level 8 Manage a Landing page for a fundraiser

Level 9  Use provided materials to email your contacts about the opportunities to support ENC

Level 10 Manage digital messaging surrounding a fundraising event (before, during, and after)

Thanking donors, keeping donors informed about our progress and accomplishments

Level 11 Approaching Corporations for long term relationships