Autism continuing learning

3L Place This is site for a group 3LPlace that provides individualized learning for those with neurological differences. They have a comprehensive curriculum that they have made public that enables the educators and service providers to meet the needs and goals of each individual. The three L’s stand for Learning, Living, and Linking. This is in the Greater Boston Area.

First Place Arizona

A project in Phoenix, AZ called “First Place Arizona” as it may be the first place someone with autism lives when they leave home.


Both the link above and the one below are about the same project that is bringing siniors together with autistic adults. The experience at 29 Palms, a neighborhood of seniors and graduates of First Place Arizona has shown great promise for growing new relationships for both seniors and adults with autism.


Movin’ Out offers affordable, accessible rental housing to people whose disabilities qualify them for supportive services administered by long term support programs.  Movin’ Out offers independent, community-integrated rental homes that do not require licensing as a facility but that can accommodate the provision of supportive services. Elven Sted is a completed development of 33 units of new multi- family housing situated on the Yahara River at the corner of 8th and Dunkirk in Stoughton. Elven Sted is an affirmatively inclusive community: the units are attractive examples of the best in workforce and family rental housing. Several units are adapted to meet accessibility needs of family members with disabilities.

Washington, DC area, Rockville MD “Mainstreet” Mainstreet is built and open . It is a community model for inclusion in Rockville, MD.

Building Autism and Neuro diverse Housing Info Links

There is very exciting work happening now! Experts in the area of autism housing are creating terms and definitions to help describe and define the nuances in the spectrum of housing needs, care needs, and social supports. This will put firm handles on our heavy lifting as we move forward to create the needed housing and supports for our special people.

“A Place in the World” is the culmination of experts coming together and creating a document and two 120 minute presentations about the markets, the challenges, the language and the data needed to drive creation of the needed housing. This is terrific information and timely for us.

A Place in the World Place Arizona source for A Place in the World information

Sweetwater Spectrum

Here is a series of 6 ninety minute presentations on Sweetwater Spectrum Replication. The first one was October 15 2020 and was worth the time for those of us who are family and for those who are building or thinking of creating a solution to the challenge of autism spectrum housing. This was privately done and houses about 20 autistic adults in a model of self selected supports.

Sweetwater Spectrum part 1 of 6
Sweetwater Spectrum part 2 of 6
Sweetwater Spectrum part 3 of 6
Sweetwater Spectrum Part 4 of 6
Sweetwater Spectrum part 5 of 6
Sweetwater Spectrum part 6 of 6