Building Autism and Neuro diverse Housing Info Links

There is very exciting work happening now! Experts in the area of autism housing are creating terms and definitions to help describe and define the nuances in the spectrum of housing needs, care needs, and social supports. This will put firm handles on our heavy lifting as we move forward to create the needed housing and supports for our special people.

“A Place in the World” is the culmination of experts coming together and creating a document and two 120 minute presentations about the markets, the challenges, the language and the data needed to drive creation of the needed housing. This is terrific information and timely for us.

First Place Arizona source for A Place in the World information

There is also a series of 6 ninety minute presentations on Sweetwater Spectrum Replication. The first one was October 15 and was worth the time for those of us who are family and for those who are building or thinking of creating a solution to the challenge of autism spectrum housing.

Sweetwater part 2
Sweetwater part 3
Sweetwater Part 4