Blog entry #3 “How did you decide to do this for Matt?” No story about Matt is really a short story but I will try. When Matt was small we worked very hard to help him acquire skills that would help him in his adult life.  Our spoken goal was that we wanted to make… Read More Discovery


A Turning Point Autism. So much and so little in one word. My son Matt is almost 26 and has debilitating autism. No he is not a quirky genius who astounds everyone with savant skills. If he is a savant it is finding the hidden stash of Oreos in your house that even you have… Read More Blog

The Big Idea

Thanks for joining me! We have been inspired by Treehouse Community in East Hampton MA, a successful  intergenerational intentional community supporting families who are adopting children who have had experienced foster care.  We would like to bring together interested seniors in a community that supports persons with autistic features,  who would benefit from an understanding… Read More The Big Idea