The Vision gains more shape

As of today our not for profit status is pending, my check has been cashed by the IRS and soon we will begin fund raising in earnest.

Every stage of this undertaking is labor intensive and we are entering the money intensive life of the organization.

It is an exciting time as we get the word out to different groups and are greeted with enthusiasm for the vision, many seniors and families with loved ones who need a community like this have expressed wishes that it was already built and ready for move-in.

We have made contact with a group in southern Wisconsin who have been working for the past 6 years on a similar endeavor they call HOO for Home of our own.  They have shared a lot of their experiences with us and we have shared ours with them.  A place to live a safe appreciated life that is also affordable is scarce here in Wisconsin.  They are getting close to building in New Glarus.

Friends of mine sent me links to first WPR then NPR and ultimately the Washington Post that picked up their story.  I will be talking next week to a reporter from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the E. N. C. and we will see how well that helps us get the word out.

We have one snag in the road ahead.  The housing group that we hoped to work with is overbooked and can’t take us on this year.  We will find ways to move ahead.

Our fundraising is ready.  On our donation page there is a Pay Pal link.  You can use a credit card or if you have a Pay Pal account.  This Pay Pal account is linked to an E.N.C., Inc.  Bank account.

Our next stage is a feasibility study which can cost up to $10,000.  We will need to continuously raise money to make this community happen and to make it successful.

We are appreciative of any amount you feel comfortable giving.

As we think about how to happily engage seniors there is a structure that began in Canada about twenty years ago called ‘micro boards’.  These boards include the member that they are serving as well as at least four other members.  They assist the member in self directing and in theory replace themselves when they no longer wish to serve.

This model of organization is very appealing to provide the self direction assistance that for many years came from parents and teachers but in adult life fades away.  Many seniors benefit from using their skills and doing something meaningful for others in ways that work for them.  It appears to be a mutually beneficial arrangement.  With a multiple member model the responsibility is better managed.  Many seniors may wish to serve on more than one micro board.

As we talk to more people it appears that we are on the right track toward a vision that will address the needs of some of our persons who need a community adapted to them.